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Polka dots...

I love polka dots, if they are pink they make me tingle inside. These panties are hard to tie on but they are so fun to take off that they can't be resisted in my panty drawer. You can see everything right through the breezy lace fabric. I bet you wish my hand wasn't there!

Wrapping is complete!

All my Christmas wrapping is finished!! I'm so glad I got it done ahead of time. Yesterday I bought the cutest little lingerie dress. It's red with small white polka dots all over. You'll love it. It has a matching thong too. I'll be sure to post a picture of me wearing it!

New Videos

During the latest photoshoots we've shot some hot videos to go along with the pictures. As soon as we get the members area filled up we'll be able to turn them on and let you guys see them! We might put a teaser up soon if we can find the time to put it together. I shot this fun video of me trying on a bunch of my favorite panties and I'm asking the admin to get it put together so I can show it off!

Cell Phone Pics

I'm not sure if you guys like these or not but I love shooting myself with my camera phone! We're trying to add something to the site that will let me post them from anywhere I have cell service. If you guys like this idea let me know! I'm also up for suggestions on what you want to see!

Good Vibrations

This morning when I woke up I was feeling very.... horny! Normally that doesn't happen to me in the morning, I must have dreamed of something sexy. Under my mattress I always keep two of my favorite vibrators. A skinny one and a thicker one, not too thick cause I'm so tiny. This morning I used the thicker one because it's got more vibration!

Perfect Shoes

I was looking for the perfect shoes today for an upcoming photo shoot. Usually I have to special order my shoes online because most stores don't carry much of a selection in my size. My feet are, if you can believe this, size 5. I was suprised when I came upon a cute little pair of black heels with diamond studs on the front. Are there any foot fetishists out there into tiny feet? Let me know and I'll see if we can't do a shoot or two for you!


Today I saw little snowflakes mixed in the rain and it made me think of winter. I can't wait for it to snow so I can go out and make a snow man. I guess it's supposed to snow again sometime this week but you know the weather is crazy. Let's hope it does and let's hope it sticks.

Little Desk

The photo shoot i did today was fun. It was school girl themed and I wore this cute plaid skirt. I found this desk at a school garage school last year. It's been sitting patiently, collecting dust in my basement, waiting to be used in a naughty school girl shoot. It's so small and the metal is soo cold on my bare legs. I love themed photo shoots where i get to dress up so be sure to keep checking my site. I have lots of outfits I want to show off!

Recent Photo Shoot

Just wrapped up another content shoot for the site with some stills and video. This shoot was was hot with three video sets and two still sessions. The next scheduled shoot is Wednesday and with this schedule we are quickly building up Kenedy's members section!

See links to other sites that feature me at www.freeones.com

Busiest shopping day of the year!!

Yesterday, I woke up at 3:30 in the morning to catch the sales. I went to 7 different stores and at J.C Penny, I waited in line for an hour and a half. It was worth it though because I got a lot of my Christmas shopping taken care of. I do this every year and it's always very cold. It's a tradition I guess.

Happy turkey day!!!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving! This year I'm going to my family's house here in the city. I always look forward to the desert.. Pumpkin pie!! :)


Kennedy just looks so damn cute in pink we had to post the full version of our sidebar images so you could see it in all it's pinkness!

My website!!

Don't forget to keep checking up on my site. I update it every day. For everyone thay is visiting and voting on my poll, Thank you!! I really hope you like it so far.

Make sure you check every day for my new blog posts and new pictures. Hope everyone has a good night and I'll be on tomorrow!!

Velvet Blanket

This super soft material has to feel so much better than any other. There's absolutely nothing like smooth velvet to make me feel warm all over. It's so soft and smooth. This was a memorable shoot. I used a new vibrator that I bought that day. Every day I get more and more

Itchy sweater!

This sweater is itchy, I bet you can't guess what needs scratching the most! Especially when you don't wear a bra!

Sleepy Kennedy.

Today was a long and tiring. Can't wait to get rest.

Movie night!

Nothing much to do on a rainy night. Think I'm just going to watch a movie with my cat and some popcorn.

Hope you don't have to work today...

I do but it's so nice outside I hope you don't have to. I'll be uploading some photos I took today this evening so check back.

Working with Kennedy

For about two years i've shot Kennedy and we just decided that she's too hot to not have her own site.

So we started building this for her and you get to watch as we put it together. It will take a number of photo sessions to get it stocked with content and if you have any suggestions please feel free to submit them through the contact us link under the main menu on the left. If you love petite, sexy girls you'll love Kennedy so be sure to check back often. Hope you have as much fun as we are putting this together!


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