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Baby Blue Panties
I love my soft cotton panties.
White Sheets Blue Panties
Crisp white sheets and blue panties. I love the feel of a soft bed.
Black Chair
Just a black chair and me! Kennedy's curves contrast with the straight lines of the chair.
Freight Elevator
I'm in this huge freight elevator in my denim mini skirt. My heels make my legs look sexy and long.
My box is a tight fit ;-)... I hate confining places but this was a great photo shoot.
Staircase Strip
We found this great 100-year-old staircase and I stripped for the camera. The marble was soo cold on my ass!
The waterfall
I did a hot shoot today at a waterfall. It felt good being naked ouside on a hot day.
Itchy Sweater Update
We just went through all of my sets to start prepping them for the member's area. I found this one and thought I'd give you guys a peek!
Bed of Lights
I couldn't resist doing a shoot with these lights. When we set up we realized that they didn't put out as much light as we hoped so we just shot what we could! It's going to be a short but fun set in the member's area.
Life's a Beach
One of my favorite places to go. It was cold in the wind but we found a nearly hidden area that was protected from the wind. The guys in the three Blackhawk helicopters that kept circling got a great view!
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